Don’t Face Immigration And Deportation Issues Alone

Immigration is a deeply personal journey, and it can also bring a lot of legal obstacles your way. That’s why at the Law Office of Eric J. Montierth, we provide individualized help for people in Memphis’ Latino community who are dealing with the legal aspects of immigration. Whether your rights are challenged or you’ve been deported, we’ll fight for you in a system that often overlooks immigrants and their families.

We Know Immigration Enforcement Rules. Hablamos Español.

Previously, only the federal government dealt with immigration, but individual states have ramped up their own enforcement methods in recent years. It’s important for people facing immigration and deportation legal matters to work closely with an attorney who knows how individual states treat immigrants, since this treatment can sometimes interfere with the rights of undocumented people. We are experienced in handling immigration and deportation issues in Tennessee, treating you with the respect and dignity every human deserves.

What You Should Know About Tennessee’s Immigration Laws

Although many of the state’s decisions around immigration are part of federal programs, the state uses its own discretion in some cases. For example, county and city jail officials must report immigration law violations to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). If you are arrested for any reason, a federal program requires your fingerprints to be checked against a database to prove your immigration status, and law enforcement agents must notify federal authorities if your status isn’t verifiable.

Similarly, the state’s employers must use E-Verify when you apply for a job, and you must prove your citizenship if you apply for a driver’s license or state ID. These roadblocks can be confusing, and your attorney can help you understand exactly what you’ll need to do.

What To Do If You Experience An Immigration Raid

Know that you have rights, even if you are currently undocumented. The three most important things to remember during an immigration raid include:

  • Remain silent
  • Speak only to a lawyer
  • If you are arrested, use the phone call you are allowed to notify someone

The best advice is to consult with an attorney for any encounters with enforcement agencies. You don’t have to speak to anyone except your lawyer, and you can let the officers know that’s what you intend to do. Se habla español.

Do Not Wait To Speak With An Attorney

Whether you need help figuring out what you’ll need to plan your immigration journey, or to have someone represent you against deportation or immigration issues, call us today at 901-334-1923 to get the help you need. You can also reach out to us through our website.